Finding Peace Today

Peace, love and security come to those that are looking for it. One must be looking for peacefulness in order for it to appear in front of them. There are many avenues to peace and simply asking for it is one way to achieve it.

Peace is an intangible concept. There is nothing to be held onto specifically for one to be able to say, “I have peace now.” Peace is a state of mind and body and heart. When there is peace, the mind is quieted, the body is at a restful state, the heart beats more slowly and is in rhythm with a pace of life found perhaps in the islands. Warm breezes, blue skies, puffy white clouds, emerald green waters and the feelings generated from all the relaxed people. Those that are either on vacation or have chosen to live there year-round, have that peaceful state of mind and body and soul, which is the state of peace we are all searching for.

Do we have to go to an island in order to achieve it? Or can we just feel at that island through a period of time in our meditation, or go there, as we close our eyes and listen to music that inspires us to slow our heartbeat and rest. There are so many ways to achieve a state of peacefulness that it seems odd that all have not obtained it yet. Saying morning affirmations such as, “I choose to be at peace this day.” Or “Peace is in my body, mind and soul this day.” Or “Peacefulness surrounds me as if I am enveloped in big soft white cotton balls that provide a layer to outside stresses and leave me in a blissful state, no matter what.” So many affirmations can be said each day to take you to this peaceful state, that most say they want it, but many will not even put out the little bit of effort it takes to be there.

The body, mind and soul become so accustomed to reacting to outside stimuli that being proactive and putting them in a peaceful place first, does not even occur to them. Be mindful and spend some time feeling what peace seems like to you by putting yourself in those peaceful states we spoke about earlier and you will start remembering that wonderful state of being. Practice it until it comes as naturally to you as the practice of eating with a knife and fork. It was difficult at first and much thought had to be given to how to master it, but now one does not have to give it any thought to use them. Such will be the state of peace, which once practiced often enough, will not even have to be at a conscious level anymore. It will be as natural to your body, mind and soul as breathing.

Choose this state of peace today and begin. Please share with me what your path looks like!

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