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The messages for you this day are ones of compassion. Why is compassion so difficult to find at times? When we are presented with people that are difficult or situations that are less than desirable, our ego usually steps to the forefront. We tend to think that it’s all about us. Somehow we internalized that it’s a negative reflection on something we’ve done, said, or thought.
If we can learn to take our ego out of center stage, it almost always comes down to it really being a reflection that’s coming from the other person. It may be a mirror of their low self-esteem, insecurity, inability to show love, tolerance, or whatever their issues may be in life.
This is the piece that is so imperative to understand. It may have absolutely nothing to do with you in any way. Isn’t that just such an interesting concept? If we could hold up a mirror and see back into their lives, I guarantee you would quickly begin to figure out that their response or actions really have nothing to do with you!
This mirror can be held up during our life review when we transition on. Wouldn’t it be lovely to do our own life review now? What if we could understand and believe that someone’s actions or statements have nothing to do with us. Our soul could grow leaps and bounds because we could then have infinite levels of compassion roll forth from us!
Start today! Pick one person or situation that you will choose to have compassion toward no matter what, and let me know how you feel!


  1. I am struggling with caring for my elderly parents. Reading your info today makes me realize I have become frustrated and lost all compassion for mom and dad and what they must be dealing with at this point in their lives. I have to face it… they are old and do not function in the same capacity as when they were younger. What you say makes sense: I need to focus on what my parents are dealing with and not how it affects me or interrupts my scheduled life. Mom and dad are doing the best they can dealing with Alzheimer’s and other health issues, and I need to work on treating them with dignity and compassion during this final stage of their lives.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this Vickie. There are so many people struggling with similar issues. Caretaking can be one of the most stressful jobs in one’s life. Being able to take a different perspective on compassion helps you to move your soul forward! I am in awe of all the day-to-day challenges that people have while still managing their own lives!

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