How Do You Find Balance In Your Life?

Photo By Ron Silveira

Let’s first start out with understanding the definition of balance. According to Webster, there are 11 definitions. We’ll take the one that defines balance as “being in a state of emotional and mental stability in which somebody is calm and able to make rational decisions and judgments.”
How do we achieve that emotional and mental balance? It is achieved when there is a feeling of harmony in the body, mind, and soul. Harmony is when all three areas are in sync with the other. As the body feels good, your thoughts are serene and kind, which then promotes the soul to be at peace to hear its messages clearly. We also can work backwards on that. As you are silent and hear your soul’s messages, your body is at peace and in a restful place, which then translates to tranquility in your thoughts.
Of course, you may also start in the middle. When you start with kind and peaceful thinking, it transfers to your body reaching a peaceful place, and it then allows you to hear your soul’s messages.
Isn’t that really miraculous? You can start from any point and achieve balance in your body, mind, and soul. If this is true, then why do so many people feel out of balance in their personal, work, and spiritual lives?
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What is something you have changed to bring balance and peace back to your life?


  1. I have worked to promote life balance by being honest with myself and trying to express my true feelings. Throughout my life I have always held my feelings and emotions inside and buried them. It was impossible to experience balance with all these pent-up emotions. I have worked over the past several years to express anger, disappointment, and hurt at the time it happens and then move on. It is amazing how much happier and “in balance” I feel by doing this. Nothing compares to a good internal purging!!

  2. I struggle to find peace both internally and externally. I know logically I can get there, it’s the emotional bondage that is holding me back. The person I know I am and portray on the outside greatly differs from the conflicts I have with myself on the inside. I would like the two sides to come together, which is the whole purpose for finding peace. There are two places I find clarity. The first is out in nature whether it’s a bike ride, or walking, but my favorite is on a body of water (beach, river or lake). The second I’m finding in meditation. I’m far from being able to achieve the same results on my own, but with the “Peace” cd I purchased from Petey, I’m well on my way finding the clarity I’m so desperately searching for!

    • Thank you so much for sharing the struggle you’ve had to find inner and outer peace. It is an “opportunity” that arises in life often for many people to deal with! The avenues you are finding to take comfort in are why the “musings” came about! Being in nature affords your soul the place for it to “remember.”
      I’m so happy that the guided meditation to peace that you purchased is allowing you to reconnect to your quiet space. It is obvious you are on a quest and will be successful!

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