How Do I Trust?

Photo By Ron Silveira

Trusting for many is a difficult thing to do. It may come from many issues. You may have been betrayed in the past by someone that did not live up to their word. You might have betrayed someone else as well.
The issue of not being able to trust may go both ways. Most of us think of ourselves as being the one that is betrayed, but most often it comes from our own inability to be true to our word in some form. It is because of our own mistrust within ourselves that we are not able to trust others.
Sit for a moment in the silence and reflect on when you did not live up to your own word with someone. There may even be more than one time that comes to mind. Write them down. Now decide if you’re ready to forgive yourself for these incidents. (Here’s a clue…why wouldn’t you forgive yourself? Have you really done anything that horrible that you can’t forgive yourself? If spirit forgives all and spirit is within us, why should we not?)
You need to actually say the words, “I forgive myself for ………….”Once you have done this piece, you will feel lighter and brighter than ever before. It becomes Step One for learning to trust.
If this is difficult for you to do, I have several tools to help you. From my book “Musings To Help the Soul Remember,” read the selections titled “Trust In The Path” and “The Purity Of New Sand” and journal on the opposite page that is provided for you.

If that is not sufficient for you to forgive yourself, please purchase my Transformation 2010 Coaching Program. It is a series of four laser-pointed coaching sessions designed to target your most troubling area that is holding you back from being unable to trust. Trust is a crucial tool to have so your soul may move forward in ease and wonderful people and energy are attracted easily to you! You can find both of these to purchase at
If you are able to forgive yourself once those areas are identified, share with me how it feels for you!

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