What Is Compassion?

Photo By Ron Silveira

Compassion is understanding the how and why of what drives others behavior. With that knowledge, you can continue to be at peace while still showing love and empathy! Once you understand that everyone comes from their own past, their own insecurities, and their own purpose in this life, it becomes much easier to accept the actions and behaviors of what they do that may end up affecting the edges of your life.
People you show compassion for are most likely still in the process of uncovering their soul’s purpose. That tough part of their behavior affecting you is part of their own soul growth. Knowing you are helping them to find their path makes tolerance, compassion and acceptance much easier for you to access. Of course you may not like their behavior, but when you can understand it you can make the adjustments needed to further both of your souls.
It is that way with children isn’t it? Even when you don’t like some of their behavior, you still love and accept them because you know they are still learning. And, there is no such thing as perfection!
What is different with an adult in our lives? They also are still learning as the next person and the next and the next. All of us are in this together and having compassion for the other is crucial to our soul growth AND to being at peace.
Listening to my guided meditation, “Finding Your Path To Peace” at https://newpathwaytohealing.com/products-and-services/ will allow you the space and peacefulness to access compassion and empathy much more easily!

When is the last time you showed compassion to someone or to a situation?

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