The Gift Of Harmony And Peace

Photo By Ron Silveira

The message for you this day is one of great harmony. Having harmony in your body, mind and soul is crucial for living the life that is best for you. Without harmony, there can be no peace. Without peace there can be no movement of your soul traveling forward to become one with spirit.

Inner harmony and peace is directed by the soul to take care of any unfinished business, resolve outstanding conflicts, or complete conversations that are necessary for all to feel at peace and move forward.

Resolve to bring this level of harmony and peace to your life this day, this week or this month. Listen to your inner voice. What is necessary for you to do to become at peace? Do you need to write a letter to someone? Perhaps start a conversation with only love and joy in your heart. Almost anything becomes resolved when addressed in this manner. Sit in the silence and listen to that which you need to do to become in harmony with your body, mind and soul. It will be the first gift of the year to yourself to bring much joy and peace into your life.

If you have difficulty deciding on what to address first, or if it is challenging for you to sit in the silence, please feel free to listen to my CD on “Finding Peace.” It will be a wonderful start to 2011 and will allow your journey to peace to begin. You can find it at

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