The Greatest Gifts Of All!

Photo By Michael Meades

Tolerance, compassion and love. These are the greatest gifts to give to yourself in 2011. There is no greater gift than this one.

When you have tolerance for yourself, you allow your human side to do what it needs to do in this lifetime. It needs to make mistakes, walk down some wrong paths, and make some poor decisions. All of this leads to soul growth. When there is no tolerance for these acts, there can only be self-recrimination, negativity, and anger that moves you nowhere. You become stuck in a mire of wrongdoing, unable to pull yourself out, and see it for what it is….simply being human.

With tolerance for these things, comes compassion. You feel for yourself as you would do for someone else that has made some mistakes. You smile at what is going wrong in an understanding manner and do kind deeds for yourself such as allowing yourself to sleep in a little later or sitting down with a cup of tea. You may purchase a fabulous journal or my book, “Musings To Help The Soul Remember,”  at where you can read a musing and journal on the accompanying page. Compassion is such a lovely word. Let it be an action word – one that is a gift to yourself!

From tolerance comes compassion, and this becomes love. It is love for yourself, love for your fellow man, and love for the universal energy to raise our vibration to a new level. But it has to start with you, and it has to begin with these gifts. Let this be your greatest gift to yourself in 2011!

If any of this feels difficult for you or you’re not sure how to find your way, please feel free to email me at, and together we’ll find your path!

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