Energy Shift!

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Having knowledge of certain information, relationships and worldly things gives you a feeling of having control in your life. It is when you feel certain knowledge is missing that it becomes the most challenging for you to deal with life.

For instance, if you’re missing a key element of where to go next with your job or career, you can allow fatigue, frustration or anxiety to creep into your day. When this happens it creates unrest in your body, mind and soul.

Or perhaps you’re at the “in-between” stage of being in a relationship. Not knowing how you might meet the person of your dreams or how long that might take can also create feelings of stress in your life.

Or maybe you have children that are showing signs of distress, and you’re not sure where it is coming from, what to do about it, or where you might go for help them get through it?

All of these situations and many more are caused by a lack of knowledge in the particular areas we’re talking about. What to do with it?

Relax. Sink into the feelings! Take the job, relationship or children issue and just allow yourself to feel all that you feel in this moment. Now, allow for the possibilities to exist from that which you don’t know. Instead of CHOOSING to feel stressed, frustrated, troubled or confused, DECIDE to open yourself up to possibilities.

With the job, feel the excitement that may be around the corner with any given project, person or situation you may encounter in the coming days. Feel your energy change. Instead of feeling stuck, confused and immobilized, you are now looking for each and every possibility that may turn up! You have just created a positive energy shift in your psyche.

Take the relationship angst and turn it into the thrill of meeting the person that you will potentially experience new love, joy, shared moments and perhaps even a lifelong connection. The possibilities are endless in meeting the love of your life or having your next great relationship. Energy shift…positive!

Your children are showing signs of trouble! Thank goodness! They are still at home for you to be able to help them through challenging spots, so it’s actually a blessing. With the wisdom of your years and loving them as no other can do, you have the gift of showing them alternative ways to handle what life is throwing at them. Energy shift…to the positive.

Yes, knowledge is power, and you have plenty of it.

What will you shift today in your energy to empower and infuse you with renewed zest for life? I’d love to hear it!


  1. Vickie Kline says:

    I have thought for a long time that I should write… although never knowing what form that should actually take. Do I want to write a magazine article (starting small to test the waters), do I want to write a short story (a slightly larger commitment without being as overwhelming as a book), or do I just want to go for it and write a book (very scary, so I choose not to think about it).

    This feels like the “in-between” stage you refer to Petey. I claim to be waiting for guidance, direction, or a sign, but I believe fear of trying is more realistic. After reading your blog, I think today I will investigate my deeper self and determine what is really holding me back. I will research some possibilities and let that knowledge lead me.

    I am currently acting as caretaker for my elderly parents, which is a daily struggle…. possibly this experience is the topic of my writing?? I can see this as a release for me, as well as accomplishing a goal I have carried in my heart for many years. I can feel a change in energy and attitude already!

  2. I got two messages in this topic: first, there is no need to worry because anxiety creates negative outcomes and nothing gets done. Then, knowledge. They might actually be intertwined. Having more knowledge about a situation gives more confidence. For my part, when I know I have the information regarding any situation, I feel more confident and feel like I can relax. I know the actions that I need to take. When it comes to other people,I use the information that I know to help them or to find a way to show them there is always a positive side in everything then I let go…..and let the magic happens

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