How To Love Unconditionally

Mother Teresa

Loving others unconditionally is the lesson for this lifetime in so many ways. Having the ability to give unconditional love to those who we feel have wronged us or to those we perhaps think are undeserving only brings unrest within you. It becomes a piece within you that feels unsettled, uncomfortable, not at ease, and ends up taking tons of your attention because you are not at a peaceful place.

I truly think that if the only lesson we were to come into this lifetime to learn was unconditional love for our fellow man, all of our souls would exit to the next plane in a heartbeat! Of course there are so many other soul lessons such as compassion and service, but learning and showing unconditional love would bring many of these other feelings to rest.

Decide today. Is it time to show yourself unconditionally love first because of course you know it begins within you. Having no judgment or criticism for yourself allows your self-love to bloom.
Once there, decide again. Are you ready to give unconditional love to your fellow man no matter what karmic connection you might still hold with them? Are you ready to lay aside all judgment and simply accept them as they are? If there is no harm emotional, physical or mental to you, then give them a gift of your unconditional love.

We are all souls in this lifetime trying to accomplish that which will give us soul growth and peace.

Will you choose to start with yourself today? What do you choose to love about yourself first…. unconditionally of course!


  1. For me it has been easier to love others than myself, but I have learned that Loving myself is the first path toward loving anyone unconditionally and in positive light (as opposed to attachment). The first time I realized what was unconditional love (besides for my family) was for this little girl I have taken care of since her birth. She had been diagnosed with PDD and now she is 6 and she is doing great, but she taught me what true love was. I am so grateful for it. Once you can feel this Love once, you can feel it with everyone!

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