Does Friendship Have To Feel Hard?

Why can friendships feel so elusive even though it is a human need? We all have other human needs like shelter, food, water, and other such basic needs as noted on the first tier of Maslow’s hierarchy. We feel we have more control over getting these basic needs met, so it is not as intimating to go out and make those things occur.

But for some reason, the word friendship brings up many uncomfortable feelings for people. It can bring up moments from their early school years where they felt rejected by peers. The sting of that rejection has a visceral effect even as they remember those experiences. It also can be triggered by adult moments of discomfort.

Friendship can be tricky sometimes. I’ve had clients speak to me about the betrayal they felt in their past friendships and how it has caused them to build walls around their hearts. Such walls need a big dose of trust, kindness, unconditional love, and simply time to break them down.

A lot of people are too impatient to wait for such behaviors, so instead they retreat behind their walls a little more deeply. They avoid the true value of friendship and prefer to reject it quickly before they are rejected again.

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