Who Is YOUR Family?

Family is that piece of you that when all else feels as if it’s failing, they rise to the occasion. Even when times are difficult family can end up coming through in the most remarkable of ways.

Sometimes it is not even your family of origin. It may become the family you have nestled around you of close friends, perhaps co-workers and those friends that may be far away physically yet still close to your heart.

This grouping of significant people in your life brings you the harmony and peace your soul is calling for in difficult times. They not only bring their physical presence but also their kind words and thoughts on cards, food that is lovingly prepared, and the warmth of big hugs.

Yes, all families of any kind can feel difficult and challenging at times and then turn right around to be just the balm that’s needed in the space you happen to be.

Who do you consider your family or as others may say, your tribe of like-spirits that are here to help your soul in this lifetime?


  1. Violaine says:

    I love this post! When I arrive in the USA on my own, I was lucky to be an au-pair for a wonderful family. Not only did we all have a great time, but today we are still so closed (8 years) and we are a Family. The girls are like my girls and the parents are like my siblings. I am so grateful for them. Without them, it would have been harder to stay in this country. This is how I learned that family extended to other people than my own family existed. I am also very lucky to be supported by my family overseas, although we are far from each other. Family is really the roots that help to feel grounded. Thank you!!

    • Yet another beautiful example of how people that seemed like perfect strangers in the beginning can become like your true family! Of course, your soul most likely was open to receive those that resonated the same energies as your own! Thanks so much for sharing Violaine!

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