Four Reasons to Open Your Throat Chakra

What does speaking from your throat chakra mean? It means that when you speak the truth…YOUR truth of what you want and need and feel, you are setting the intention to do your finest work in this lifetime. Setting your intention is crucial to manifest that which you know to be the truth. It is the truth of what your soul needs to do before it can feel the fulfillment of all contracts that were made when you came into this lifetime.

Opening the throat chakra can be a challenge. By nature of being human, it wants to stay closed for fear of judgment, criticism or feelings that you might not really be speaking the truth. Remember that your truth does not have to be others truth. Your truth may manifest and be expressed in an entirely different manner than your friend’s truth. However, by you expressing your truth you can accomplish several things.

1. You are declaring and identifying your own truths about your wants and needs by speaking of them to others.
2. You are setting the intention for them to be manifested by those invisible forces that we know to be true.
3. You are providing a wealth of ideas to others so they may begin to manifest their own dreams into reality in THEIR own way!
4. You are setting the flow of the universe to be directed to open their doors to accommodate each and every need you have stated. It is yet another universal law of the universe.

Won’t you open your throat chakra today? Speak one of your truths loud and clear. How does it feel? Can you feel it resonate through every cell of your body?


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