The Soul At Work

Helping to guide others to their own individual place of peace is something that anyone can assist another to do. It is in this act of assistance that awareness comes forth on what the journey really is about in this lifetime.

Is it in everyone’s nature to give help to those in need? While it may be unique to some, it is not to all. Perhaps they have not had role models of someone that freely gave of themselves to help others. Children watch. Children are always watching very closely what those around them are doing and how they manage the art of living life. It may be conscious on their part or unconscious, but trust me when I tell you that it is noted and filed away mentally. It is then pulled out and emulated when they become adults.

Giving of ourselves to another in need and even when they’re not in need is for the purpose of moving your soul forward. For it is in the very act of service that we are allowing our soul to meet another’s soul on that level. There is no judgment, criticism or ego involved. There’s only pure compassion, love and service.

Yes, helping to guide another soul to a peaceful place in this lifetime with any means you have available is doing your finest soul work.

Can you feel it in your soul when you do these acts of service for another and help guide them to a more peaceful place in their lives?

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