What Is The Light?

What is this light that everyone refers to? The very definition of the word light is that which illuminates something, an energy that produces a sensation of brightness that makes seeing possible! What is it that you wish to have illuminated? What is it that your soul needs to see? What can you see with the help of this light that can take you from darkness and back into the light?

The light was that from whence we came. We came from the light where we were one with God and it is our soul’s journey to return to this same light. What stands between this light from before we were born and the light we wish to return to is the human experience.

Being in your present human form is a challenge that you were eager to accept when you made this plan to come back and evolve your soul further. The twist is in the reality of dealing with all the rest of the human drama on this plane. Such feelings of turmoil, greed, jealousy, insecurities, fear, anxiety, stubbornness, procrastination, intolerance, judgment…and I could go on and on but how depressing are those words to read and HOW difficult for you to master?

This is where our extensive soul work begins, at the beginning. Learning to trust, forgive, accept, empathize, be loving, compassionate, giving and patient, are but a few of the necessary tools you must pull in to use on a daily basis. Once you get it going and are on a roll, it is easier to accomplish time and time again!

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