Are You Sincere?

Being sincere in life with your word and acting from the heart is a sign that your words are pure and can be trusted. It is when you begin to purposely leave things out of your conversations or begin to interpret the truth to suit you better that your insincerity begins to show. It is in these times that those connected with you might begin to put some distance between you or chat with you less frequently.

Where does insincerity come from? Mostly it stems from insecurity in some area. If you are insecure for some reason about who you are, what you believe in, or at your core you feel unworthy, then you will tend to omit things or change conversations to suit you best because you are just plain fearful of rejection.

If your words don’t agree with others thoughts or your behavior is looked down upon or thought disreputable, it can feel like a dagger to the heart for someone with low self-esteem. For those who encounter people that are fearful of rejection, have compassion and empathy for them because you can now understand from where they come.

If you are the one however, phrasing things in just the perfect way and manipulating situations to try desperately to get the designed result of acceptance and love….relax. Let go of your need to please others, and begin to please yourself first. Say kind words to yourself in the form of affirmations. Do kind and loving actions with yourself. Rest, meditate, go for long walks, take a vacation, or get a massage. Once you feel better about yourself, your words to others will resonate with the utmost sincerity because you have accepted yourself. Truly there is no greater gift to give to yourself!

What are sincere attributes you recognize about some of your best friends?

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