Live Your Life Dance

Dancing through life would be the perfect way to accomplish all that you need to. However, many people look at life as drudgery. As something to be lived through as you age until you no longer have to do the daily work that causes you to check the clock every 20 minutes as you go about your day.

What if you were to decide to dance through your life instead? You choose the beat, lyrics, tones and quality of the music to play each day. Perhaps it’s a casual reggae beat for this day. You might find yourself sliding through the hours more relaxed and laid back than you normally would. Perhaps you would play a Brahms concerto for tomorrow as you write an inspirational proposal or give an uplifting speech to your employees. Maybe you would listen to little Frank Sinatra as you glide through to the weekend with a relaxed and easy vibe about you. You even spice it up a little with a samba or Latin beat for Saturday night as you and your mate decide to heat things up.

I’m sure you get the message by now. You can control and actually orchestrate how you might feel each and every day as you become the maestro of your moments.

What song will you choose for today? Let me know how you feel as your day ends…what will the tune for tomorrow be?

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