Are You Ready For Change?

Scanning the horizons for new beginnings and opportunities can be the cornerstone for change to occur in your life. When you are actively looking and seeking to create change, it becomes the message for your mind and body to start producing new pathways in your brain for a new way of thinking, doing and being. Once these pathways have become enlarged and actively connect with the way that you are actually viewing things differently or behaving in a new manner, then the probability of them staying open in the future becomes more of the norm.

These changes in your neural pathways can then become highlighted as you begin to reference back to it on a repeated basis. It is so simplistic in design yet can feel so difficult to many who are looking to create a positive change in their life. Not feeling scattered in thoughts can create the biggest changes. Focus in with laser precision to ONE thought or ONE behavior or ONE feeling that you would like to create change within your life. Come up with the ONE new thought, behavior or feeling that you would now like it to be. Just ONE! Be kind. Do not overwhelm yourself. You’re in the learning mode.

And as simple as that! Implement the ONE change on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You can almost see the neural pathway opening up in your brain as it blossoms with this ONE change.

Once that feels complete and you are at peace with this change, move forward to the next. Simple, easy and effective as you continue to be the master of your own destiny.

Decide today. What is the ONE change you would like to create in your life?

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