How To Be At Peace

Peace and tranquility can be yours for the asking. The question is, “Are you asking?” Many people feel they don’t deserve to ask for this state of mind, body and soul. They may feel they don’t deserve it, haven’t earned the right yet to ask for it, or feel others are more entitled to it than they are.

This type of thinking only allows stagnation to exist. When you stop moving forward and requesting what you need from the universe, it merely allows you to stand still in a state of confusion, distrust anger or unhappiness.

Decide today. What is it that you most need at this point in time from the universe? If it includes peace and tranquility, know that it is yours for the asking. Think of the time when you were in your mother’s womb. The gentle swaying motion in her waters and the tones of her voice surrounded you with feelings of peace and tranquility. Coming from the light into this lifetime and spending nine months in your mother’s peaceful and nurturing surroundings was to be your entry into this lifetime. At times it might not have been as peaceful as you might have liked, given the karma and life situations you chose to come back to, but you DID begin in this manner from the light and you can return to this same feeling.

It’s interesting to note that as people are in their last phase of life just before they transition back to the light, they generally speak about the incredible feelings of peace and tranquility they feel as they embrace the light they are about to return to. You have the power to put these feelings anywhere in your life. Ask, and you will receive!

You may ask using journal writing, prayer, meditation or sitting in a peaceful stillness. Which would you choose today? Are you ready to receive?

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