How to Change Your Set Point!

Exploring the realms of the unknown can often feel as if it is a scary thing instead of the exciting fabulous adventure it can actually be! People usually feel more comfortable with what is familiar to them, and do not seem to want to venture out too far from their original set point.

Your set point is when you continue to do what is most familiar to you. It is not necessarily what is comfortable or most pleasant to you, but it will definitely be that feeling that is most familiar. Of course if your most familiar feeling is something negative like feeling overwhelmed, overweight, overworked, unhappy, anxious, troubled, sad or angry, then people, places or things that do not cast off these familiar things will not be attracted to you. Your set point has become stuck. You feel ___________, and all you attract is ____________.

This is the part that is liberating! Recognizing that you are stuck in this cycle of _________ can allow you to now choose differently. Awareness is power. You may now choose to explore the unknown. Instead of approaching it with trepidation, you can now choose to be excited as you anticipate bringing a new set point into your life. You decide!

Do you want joy to be your new set point? Then choose joy, and watch for certain people and situations automatically gravitate to you!

Identify what was your old set point, and select your new one today. I would love for you to share what it was and what your new set point will be. I’m doing an informal study to determine what’s the most familiar feeling people tend to carry around with them, and what they most want to change it to!

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