How to Find Peace Within

There is a body of work that resides within you to be explored and investigated further. This body of work is the piece of you that is searching for answers. You’re on a quest for answers to find eternal peace, happiness and a connection to spirit. What order that happens in is up to you.

You may start at the beginning, the end or in the middle, and all will be linked together in a circle of completion. If you begin with peace, you feel happiness in your being which connects to spirit instantly. If you meditate, pray or sit within the silence or nature, you will feel your connection to spirit, which then spreads peace and happiness throughout your body, mind and soul.

Or you can just be happy. Expressing joy and laughter with yourself and others will also take you to a peaceful space and allow you to know you’re connection with spirit. Choose any path, and they will all converge as one. The choice is yours to make in this lifetime.

Which journey resonates most with you? Start with what feels most comfortable, and the rest will follow naturally.

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