How To Open Your Heart

Opening up your heart to those you might view as difficult or challenging in nature will actually move them to change the path they are on and redirect their actions to feelings that serve them in a better manner.

How do you open your heart to those that feel so difficult in nature? If you decide to come from the compassionate point of view, then this becomes easy to do. Compassion for others is having the ability to feel what they feel if only for a few moments. But in that tiny window, their angst, anger, suffering or sadness is so palpable that having this aura of kindness towards them is effortless. Truly, who wants to see another soul suffer? Nobody does. Particularly when you attach no judgment to their issues, it becomes only a gift from one soul to another as you wrap your heart around them and allow them to feel your compassion. As they can feel and almost see that there is at least one other person that truly understands and cares about them, the shift in their behavior begins. It softens, is more malleable, and they can then begin to have the blossoming perspective to perhaps having a different view of seeing what has been troubling them.

You have this gift in our heart to give. Who will you choose to give this gift of compassion to today? Truly it is a gift from the Gods! Namaste.

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