Learn Here How To Resonate To Your Highest Good!

Learning what makes your body, mind and soul resonate to their highest good is a soul lesson in this lifetime. When all of the cells in your body are in concert one with another, then the music that is played becomes one of health, healing, love, completeness, gratitude and joy. Putting all of these pieces into tune and creating the harmony that works best for you is the topic for today.

How can you tell what will create healing and peace in all the cells of your body? When you do and say things that leave you with a feeling of satisfaction that all is addressed as it needs to be, you have accomplished your first step. Problems arise when you choose to purposefully avoid certain conversations that you feel might hurt another person’s feelings or you choose not to return particular messages that cause you to have pain when you think about them.

Let me say this clearly. It is not being egotistical to care about your needs and try to have them met by people or situations in your life. It is called being healthy! I often hear from clients I’m coaching, “But if I say that to them, then they’ll feel guilty or bad.” How is it okay that you’ve stayed quiet for 20-some years and not had your needs met, but it’s okay for others to tell you their feelings and thoughts?

It’s not okay at all. It causes irreparable harm for you and others in your life. How much kinder is it to say what you need with honesty and respect for other so they have the ability to respond to your needs now that they finally KNOW them? Isn’t this kinder than unconsciously putting on 30 pounds to numb your feelings, placing yourself in thousands of dollars in credit card debt, or deliberately flirting with a co-worker without regard to the consequences…. I could go on and on and on!

Take the plunge! Learn what creates healing for you, and go for it. Your body, mind and soul will all thank you, and the symphony that is played will be heard in the heavens!

What is your first step today that you will do to honor yourself?

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