Simply Love!

There are vibrations that are lifting and taking off around the world at a higher and more consistent speed. This vibration is bringing into alignment all of those ideas and thoughts that will join with spirit as you move forward into the next movement of time. We call this our calendar year. When multiples of vibrations have been received and are on the same frequency, then purity of thought and feelings will also rise to the surface.

As you arrive there will be a feeling of healing that will take place. This healing of body, mind and soul will put into the universe a steady stream of molecules to set the path to your highest good. Even as you read this, you are not quite sure what it means. But you are curiously drawn to this information. This is your spirit resonating with where it needs to go next and what needs to happen.

How to start? Love. Pure and simply – LOVE. Love with no conditions. This will set your intention on the path to raising your vibration to the same frequency of those that have come before you and know the path. LOVE! Love all in your path this day, tomorrow and the next. Watch what happens when you manifest to you highest good.

Who will you choose to start with today?

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