Your Soul at Work!

Impatience. What is it, and what can we do it about it? Impatience is the soul wanting time to develop, but the human aspect of us doesn’t allow it. As the ego drives much of your behavior, it is also a huge influence in thinking that it knows best and trying to take charge of it all.

When the soul is brought forth more on this journey of light and love that you are on, it allows people, situations and your path to unfold with time, grace and a sustaining patience that knows some things can not be rushed. At times, your relationships, career, family, grievances, sickness or any other human issue one might find in this lifetime needs its own space and time to develop and come to fruition however it needs to. It may take longer than you may like, but this is where trusting in the divine path you are on and allowing each part of it to be uncovered in its own time is what your soul has been asking you kindly to let happen.

Ask, and you will receive. Yes, do ask for what you wish and then have the patience to not put a timeline on it. Let your soul do its work in this area and beam with happiness and joy when you recognize it as it comes into your life and you receive. AND it will come into your life!

Which area do you have the most patience with in your life? Does it involve others or yourself? How much time are you willing to give for something magical to unfold before your eyes?

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