A Sacred Space

Taking a journey of spirit to a place where peace and tranquility are the only feelings that fill this space is what will allow you to hear you most powerful messages. It is when you are in this space and time that you are able to hear the quietest of whispers that give direction to your soul.

When there is a great deal of noise from your everyday environment, it becomes impossible to hear the messages that ask to be heard. Quiet is needed for your soul. It is as the quiet when you’re out in the middle of the forest and stop suddenly. The only sounds are those of the leaves blowing gently or a bird meeting his mate. Long spaces here allow for spirit to be heard.

This same quiet can be heard as you canoe out to the middle of the lake. As you rest your oars and listen to the beauty of the silence, your inner voice is accessed. It is allowed to blossom in the silence of this space. Swimming underwater, sitting in meditation or resting in the coolness of a church that has been left open for the joy of reconnecting with a sacred space can all allow your inner divine voice to be heard.

Won’t you give yourself the gift of silence this day? Your messages will present themselves in the form of a word, phrase, visual, feeling or the intuitive presence you have within that is anxiously waiting to be heard.

Give yourself a space to help guide you to peace, tranquility and direction in this most wonderful of lifetimes.

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