Connect With Spirit!

Spirit is with you, near you, within you and ever present in your life. At times you may seem to lose touch or become distracted by the human side of your life. Once you become in tune and connect with spirit on a daily basis, the abundance of joy that fills every cell of your mind, body and soul will choose to keep you connecting again and again!

It doesn’t matter what way you might choose to connect. You may journal, pray, meditate, sing, dance, or simply be in nature. Whatever setting makes your heart sing will allow you to connect with spirit clearly. Messages will be heard, felt or intuited in some form. Again, the manner in which the message is received is not the focus. The only focus becomes the joy that is felt with the daily connection you make.

Try it! Do it every day this week no matter if it is for five minutes a day or an hour, but practice it every day and let me know the joy that awakens in every cell of your body!

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