Finding Peace Within Yourself

Have you ever wondered why you are not able to be at peace with yourself at times? What is it about the human psyche that precludes you from being at a more peaceful place no matter what is occurring in the moment? The answer is simple. It is trust.

Trusting in the path ahead of you no matter how many twists and turns you may see is what moves your soul forward in this lifetime. It is as the same level of trust that is developed between babies and their parents. When all is in a healthy and normal environment, a baby automatically trusts that their needs will be met by loving and caring parents. No matter what is occurring in the moment, feeling wet or cold, hungry or tired, they know their basic needs will be cared for. They also begin to sense and intuit that their emotional needs will be cared for as well. They will be cuddled and loved, spoken to kindly and cradled in a secure and safe environment. Hopefully, their spiritual needs will be met as well. They will know and trust that there is something bigger and omnipresent that their souls will be able to trust they can always turn to for guidance and comfort in this journey of life.

If any piece of this trust has not been developed or has been betrayed, then there is not the ability to feel at peace and trust in the outcome. Then it becomes your path to find the missing pieces through reading, meditation, prayer or speaking with those that can restore your sense of trust as you continue on your journey knowing and trusting what is ahead no matter what.

This is when you will find peace once again in this lifetime. Do you trust in the journey ahead?

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