How to Handle Life’s Disruptions and Stay at Peace!

Once you are on the road to peace and tranquility, what do you do when the normal disruptions of life come along? Being in this most human of lifetimes we must make adjustments constantly for the situations and things that present themselves almost daily.

Keeping in perspective that they are only there for the purpose of soul growth, you can then make the adjustments that are necessary to stay feeling at a peaceful place. For example, in relationships with significant others, friends, family or co-workers there will be a time when you’re not on the same path, at the same time and in the same place. What can you do with this?

Trust! Trust that this is just another opportunity that is presenting itself to you so you can do your soul work. You may choose many different options. Have an in-depth conversation with them where you speak your true feelings. Leave it alone and watch for when the other person appears to be at a different space and more amenable to talking about their feelings. Behave differently towards this person. Flood them with love, surround them with white light, or feel the deep level of compassion towards them. For whatever they’re going through, your angst will change to empathy instantly and you will feel at a more peaceful place. Meditate to bring healing to their life. Make sure it is only with the intention of bringing them to a more peaceful place in their life and not with a specific outcome in mind.

Soul to soul! Rise above this human body you’re in, and allow your soul to communicate with their soul. This is possible. You will love the feeling you have as you reach a new level of soul growth.

If you have any difficulty with this concept or any other I’ve spoken of here, feel free to contact me at We can set up a couple of coaching sessions to change your focus from one of feeling in angst over a situation to one where you can feel at peace…NO MATTER WHAT!

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