Is Balance Possible in This Lifetime?

Feeling peaceful in your mind, body and soul is essential for ultimate soul growth. Having balance present in your life is necessary for taking the steps to move forward in this area. When you are only working in one of these areas then by virtue of the other feeling ignored, there cannot be a peacefulness that rests within you.

Even if there is an illusion of feeling extremely comfortable with what you are working on at the time, peace will still not be present in its total form. For example, let’s say you are working on getting your body in a good, healthy shape with exercising and a plan for eating right. If you are not doing mind and soul work, there will remain a lingering and incomplete feeling.

Similarly if you are working on reframing negative self-talk and mapping out wonderful affirmations, reading inspirational or self help books, your body and soul may still feeling ignored. And it will be felt if you’re listening to it. Maybe you’ve decided to go on a retreat to completely go within yourself to embrace the presence of spirit. This will again become unbalanced.

Taking examples from the Buddhist monks of Tibet, they are continually practicing the art of balance in their life. They are required to learn some type of martial arts for their body as they eat in moderation. They are continually exploring and learning new information from their masters to be applied in their lives. And they practice the art of meditation several times a day, going within, learning to feel more and more comfortable in the silence as they connect with spirit.

Try practicing this art of having balance in your life within your body, mind and soul this week. Pick one thing from each area to do each day.

Let me know how you feel at the end of the week as you wrap up practicing being in balance seven days in a row! I’m betting you will feel at a much more peaceful space!

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