It’s Time to Open the Door!

How can you access that which you don’t even know you need?

It is when you are experiencing some of your most difficult times that it is the perfect moment to remember to trust. Trust in the situations and the people surrounding them to know this is your opportunity for extensive soul growth. These will be the moments that will end up shining forth where you will be able to make leaps and bounds to move your soul forward in this most human lifetime.

When you remember why you decided to come back and plan these challenges along the way, you will also remember that you planned the availability of healers to be by your side along the way. These healers may come in the form of people, books, music, or places. There are many avenues for healing and looking clearly around you when you are in the midst of such difficulties will allow them to be seen almost as if by magic.

It is when you are not looking, that you cannot see. It is when you are not listening, that you cannot hear. It is when you have shut down and walled yourself up, that you cannot feel.

Open all these doors once again and the solutions, answers and illumination to your healing will present itself. I promise!

When was the last time you opened yourself up and could clearly see straight what the perfect solution was for your challenges?

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