Promoting World Peace

There is a calling for the world to be at peace and stand in harmony shoulder to shoulder in this place we call life. If each of us were to do our part and make it our personal mission to join with others to be at a peaceful place, there would eventually be harmony felt throughout the world.

This could happen at the simplest of levels. As you drive to work, you could let someone easily move over into your lane when you see their blinker. This simple gesture could give that person a feeling of peace, if only for a one moment. You may reach out to someone that appears upset or distressed and bring them a cup of tea or perhaps give them an extra 5 or 10 minutes of your time to let them talk about their feelings. You don’t even have to say one word to exude empathy. Nodding, warmly smiling, posturing yourself towards them, and making them feel comforted by your very presence has been found to make the most profound difference in a person’s life when they’re feeling troubled.

What if everybody in the world made it their mission on the same day…to bring peace to someone’s life? What vibration could be reached? Could we take it to a larger scale? Could we join in a movement where peace, gratitude and harmony were their theme? Or perhaps you could even create a movement!

I know this is my mission. This has been my path for the last 30 years individually as a marriage and family therapist and life coach. For the last two years, it has been my mission through New Pathway To Healing – to spread peace via my musings, blog posts, articles, book, CD’s, workshops and telecourses.

I challenge you to do the same. Whether on a small scale or a large scale the result will be the same. One by one or thousands by thousands, we can create harmony. Lets create a peaceful feeling to vibrate at a high level around the world!

What will you choose to do this day?

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