What is the Secret of Attraction?

When you are in the mode of attracting the right spiritual energy to your path, it is as if the stars are in perfect alignment for it to happen.

How can you help this process to take place? As you are putting singular vibrations out to the universe, you will begin attracting multiples of similar vibrations to return your way. Sending out messages mentally, physically or emotionally in the forms of verbal, written word or through touch will allow the universe to respond in kind. It is truly so simple yet so very difficult for many to achieve. Why is that?

How many people do you think are truly focused on the vibration they are sending out in the world? Are they aware of when they are being negative or complaining? Can they hear their martyred voices or negative remarks? Do they care that others perceive them in this respect?

The answer is usually no, they are not aware. It is the awareness of what you want to attract that begins the process of putting out the vibrations that you would like others to resonate with and respond to. Once keyed into what level of vibration they are now ready to receive, they will begin to put out an entirely different message in which the world will be ready to embrace and give back the same in return.

What is it that you are now ready to receive? What is your awareness on the level of vibration you wish to receive?

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