You Can Make A Difference In the World!

Deciding on the avenue or vehicle you would like to use next as you progress down your life path can be a stumbling point for many.

Perhaps you feel drawn to painting or photography. What would be the perfect manner in which to express your intentions? Would it be to paint in an upstairs bedroom and place them throughout your home? Would you only take photographs while on vacation and keep them in a scrapbook? Or perhaps you might want to think much bigger! Perhaps your paintings would be the perfect inspiration to adorn the walls of a cancer institute. You could donate them or put them on loan at first as you look for additional outlets for your talent. Entering your photography in a nearby art show or creating cards with them that you could use personally would be like giving small masterpieces to your friends. Creativity, imagination and joy with what you’re doing will produce the perfect venue.

What gifts do you have for the world? They could be literary, musical, artistic, motivational, inspirational speaking, teaching, mentoring, or spiritual in nature. Is it fear that is holding you back from sharing your gifts?

Think of the big picture. It is not about you. It is about delivering your message to lift world consciousness by sharing such positive works that vibrate at a higher frequency. Keeping your treasures in an upstairs bedroom, office drawer, scrapbook, or trapped within your body, mind and soul will not allow you to access your purpose in life. You may be doing something in your career that you can make a good living at, but it isn’t necessarily your passion and purpose in this lifetime.

Decide on which gift you will share with the world today. Take one step to make it happen. This is my step! I am to be your guide in this fashion. These are my thoughts on finding your purpose. I kept my thoughts silent for decades until spirit asked me to speak…and here they are.

What gift will you find a wonderful avenue to share? The world is waiting for each and every one of you!

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