Do You Have Faith?

How can you learn to trust in the path ahead when you can’t really see the end of it?
This is a question I’m asked often in my practice from clients. Many of them have been taught that having a blind faith in what lies before them is not a prudent decision to make.

But are we really talking about a blind faith, or are we talking about trust?

Faith usually refers to trusting in someone or something even without having logical proof. Trust is having a confidence in someone or something because of the qualities you’ve seen in them. So are they different or the same?

To me, having blind faith means you really don’t trust completely that it is there already. I choose to have faith and trust in my journey because I KNOW that all will come about as it needs to come about. I TRUST and have FAITH that people will show up and opportunities will arise in the right order and in the right time. I choose to trust that I do not have all the pieces of this path in life at my fingertips right now. I know there is an order and a symmetry to what happens in my life.

My husband and the love of my life!

When I reflect back and highlight certain events that happened in my past, I am reminded over and over again how beautifully life works out. When I was going through my divorce over 23-years ago, I felt devastated that I had failed at marriage and my two children would suffer from it. I hadn’t realized at the time that I chose to learn a lot of my lessons and work on certain karma early in my life. How quickly life turned around, and I met the true love of my lifetime (and from many others)! We’ve been together now for 20 years this month! This was the marriage I had been waiting for. Ron has been a wonderful father to my children, and we’ve shared the challenges and joys of having six children with their five spouses and almost four grandchildren share our lives. (We’re joyfully expecting a little one in March from my son Peter and his wife!)

Who would have thought these blessings would be in my life? Trust? Faith? Absolutely!! There is a master plan, and it is wonderful!

So, do you choose to have faith and trust in your path? How have you felt it in your life?

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