Do You Have The Ability To “Go Within?”

How does one learn which path they should follow in life? Which direction is the right one to follow? Which road will lead to the fruition of your dreams where you will absolutely know that you are fulfilling your purpose in this lifetime? As a therapist and life coach for the past 30 years, this is one of the most highly asked questions I’m asked.

The answer to all of these questions is a question itself. “Have you developed the skills to go within?”

This is actually the theme for my New Pathway to Healing September newsletter as well as for my radio show interviews. These guests will speak to the mind, body and soul areas. They are experts and masters in their own fields on learning how to take the mind, body or soul WITHIN!

Following one of these paths within allows you to know, see, feel and intuit your own path in this journey we call life. Whether it is done mentally, physically or spiritually, accessing this space in different venues will open up all of your pathways to receive the knowledge to know your personal path in life.

Check out the upcoming guests on my New Pathway to Healing blogtalkradio show here, and make a plan to listen to one or all that call to you!

Be on the lookout for my next newsletter with the newest musing and information “to go within” that will be coming out September 1! Make sure to sign-up here, and I’ll send it straight to you along with an article I wrote that will help clearly define the path you are on.

Are you ready to go within to find your answers in this lifetime?

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