How Being in Harmony Helps You Connect With Spirit

Feeling Harmony Among Nature

Harmony by definition usually speaks to a pleasing arrangement or combination of musical notes. However, it also reflects a pleasing effect that is produced by an arrangement of things, parts or colors. I see all of these definitions speaking to spirit.

When there is harmony, there is great joy. Think of listening to your favorite composer, musical group or song. As you listen to their arrangements of notes, does your heart fill with joy? If you sing or tap your foot to the music, do you feel your endorphins rising? What about your favorite painting? I know whenever I look at any of Monet’s paintings my heart skips a beat as I am so touched by his creative artistry of scenery and colors.

Watching harmony in nature is my very favorite! The sunrise and sunset each day is a spectacular masterpiece to witness. As one color blends and turns into another, it is as if Leonardo da Vinci himself was standing there at the horizon with his largest brush to provide the panoramic backdrop of yet another work of art!

Harmony in spirit takes all of these incredible sights, sounds and feelings and brings it together with the silence and gratitude of hearing spirit’s message. Sitting in the silence, meditating, or connecting with source brings the same unbelievable delight in harmony with spirit as each message is received. To know you are doing your finest soul work as you follow your path to your purpose in this lifetime is sheer bliss!

What does harmony with spirit mean to you? Share with my readers here how you feel as you connect with spirit.

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