How To Attract Happiness!

Is happiness truly meant to be a part of everyone’s life or are there some people that are not destined to feel such happiness?

Happiness is a feeling known to mankind as a way to express joy at all of those things that go right in your life. When you are looking for those things to be right in your life…actually expecting those things to pop up at any moment…is when you pull them toward you much like a magnet that has just been placed right under the North Pole. There’s no stopping it when that happens. It is pulled to it in an efficient straightforward way just as it was meant to do.

Similarly when you expect and look for happiness to manifest itself in other areas of your life, it becomes drawn to you in the exact same way! It is yet another universal law that has been in effect through eons of time.

Like attracts like! So simple, yet so elusive! There is only a minority of people who feel they are destined for things to work out in their lives. Others feel they have a curse on their head, or they’ve done something that they need to be punished for in this lifetime. Self-sabotage? They become masters of this behavior.

It is only when folks decide that they were born as perfect little souls graced by the hand of God and just because they choose particular parents or families as a mean to learn their soul lessons, their path veered into areas that may not have been in their best interest. Some may have even chosen a great family yet planned their soul lessons connected with relationships, career, health or any other lesson for their twenties, thirties, or beyond.

Whatever the timing, they need to remember again that they were born perfect and they will return to perfect. The rest in between is called this lifetime. When that is remembered, happiness will be yours. You will let go of any earthly issues that are holding you back and move on EXPECTING happiness. Guess what? It will be there each and every time!

Isn’t it time for you to feel a big dose of happiness walk into this lifetime?

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