How To Know If You’re Doing Your Soul’s Work

How is one to trust that the human soul is doing its work in this lifetime? What if you don’t have certain awareness? Does this mean that nothing is being worked on? Do you ever feel like you might be missing some of the lessons you’re supposed to working on? Well it turns out that many people ask themselves these exact same questions. I’ve heard it in my practice and coaching sessions for several years now. They say, “How do I know what I’m supposed to working on?,” or “How do I know this is a soul lesson?”

The most important clue to consider is this question, “What is causing me pain in my body, mind or soul?” Identifying the pain allows you to identify the next area of your life that is calling to you to be addressed. Pain is a signal that is hard to ignore! Is there pain in your body? Perhaps a realignment of your eating, self care or exercise is in order to restore balance.

Are you feeling pain on an emotional level? Identifying the source of this pain and bringing a peaceful feeling to it will allow you to settle out yet another “peace” of yourself. Perhaps mentally there is angst or pain on some level. Again, reframing negative self-talk and substituting positives for negatives will all bring you back to that peaceful place in your life.

Does this realignment of your body, mind and soul happen frequently? Absolutely! Once we accept that we chose this human condition to work on our finest soul lessons, it becomes easier to accept our path. Know that you are doing your finest soul work when any pain arises on a physical, mental or an emotional level. Know that you’re doing your soul work when you bring it to a more peaceful place.

If you would like some assistance in identifying this specific pain and finding a peaceful path to it, feel free to contact me at I would love to set up a couple of coaching sessions to help you move even more quickly down your road to peace.

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