How To Sing Your Song Once Again!

There is a song alive within you. It speaks of joy, love and happiness. When you are in a joyful state, it can be heard clearly by others. When sadness or difficult times are present, there is only quiet. The notes and words of your song become muted as if you paused it for some purpose.

Having the ability to sing clearly again and share your joy with others becomes your choice. There are some people that have had their song on mute for years at a time. There is no joy. There is no song.

Deciding to look for the joy in your life again can bring the smallest of visions to life again. Seeing a magnificent butterfly light on a blossom reminds you once more of nature’s gifts to us. Its brilliant sunset each day, the promise of red and golden leaves that will adorn each tree in the fall, and the spiritual feel of the presence of angels during the first snowfall are all nature’s gifts. These magical and breath-taking blessings that bring a lump to your throat allow the fabulous presence of spirit in your daily surroundings to become clear.

As you see the manifestation of spirit’s presence, it allows your song to be sung once again! Rejoice in it! Hum along with its tune!

Seeing your joy becomes contagious! Just as your smile is met with another smile, your joy is met with another joy! Let it bubble over in this lifetime! No matter what is happening at this time of your life, take time to see the joy! It becomes your greatest gift to yourself!

Don’t you deserve to sing your song this day? I’d love to hear it myself!!

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