What Is There To Celebrate?

Celebration! Is it something to wait for until something huge happens in your life, or is it something that can be practiced on a daily basis?

Of course as anyone that is on the spiritual road knows, celebration is to be done on a daily basis. The practice of celebrating the sun rising each day, the joy of that first cup of coffee or tea, or perhaps the exquisite feeling of love as you wake your child from a good night’s sleep brings happiness to your heart! How could you not celebrate such joyful moments?

Taking them for granted and rushing past them in a blur to get going with your day is disappointing. Your soul needs to take quiet notice of what makes this lifetime unique and valuable to you.

The smallest joys might have been huge a few centuries ago! Simply having the luxury of taking a long bath or shower in your own bathroom was an unknown blessing several centuries ago. Yet surprisingly enough, these remain universal joys through the different lifetimes you’ve had. You may celebrate the rising and setting of the sun each day, Mother Nature blessing your land with its nurturance of rain and sun, or the loving relationships from your family, spouse or friends. You feel joy in knowing the camaraderie of lasting relationships, the love for your child, the loyalty of your pet and most of all, knowing and feeling the love of spirit in your life. Giving thanks to spirit in whatever manner known to you becomes the universal practices throughout lifetimes.

How could you not celebrate this day? You have awakened to the beauty and joy of another day with an abundance of blessings and joy placed throughout to grace this lifetime you chose to do your finest soul work.

Let’s just start with today. What is there to celebrate and give thanks for this day? Acknowledging these joys only attracts more and more blessings in your life. It is yet another of the universal laws that have existed through time!

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