Who Thought Hip Surgery Would Be Like This?

Sometimes in life what is supposed to be simple turns out to be complicated, and what you imagine to be quite difficult turns out to be a breeze. Why does life behave so unpredictably at times?

I can take myself for an example. A few weeks ago I had hip replacement surgery, something I have needed for more than four years. Getting an entirely new hip always felt like it would be a daunting task which is why I never pursued it. Putting up with the daily pain of osteoarthritis on a daily basis seemed more acceptable. But when it reached the point where all my activities were limited by my ability to walk or function comfortably, my wants overcame my initial thoughts. I wanted to travel throughout the world, get down on the floor and play with my grandchildren, dance again with my husband, walk on the beach, and hike in the mountains to explore all the miracles of nature!

I was so ready to live the way I wanted to live again that I scheduled the surgery. Okay, the first week was a bit rough, but it has been completely uphill ever since! Each day in physical therapy I would reach another milestone of progress. I went from being completely dependent on others as I sat in a chair to becoming more mobile on a walker and going to the bathroom by myself. I started with the simplest of leg movements to doing exercises with weights on my legs and swinging my legs in and out of bed by myself. And by the second week, I was off the walker and only using a cane! Now in week three, I’m able to make myself food, get dressed with the help of my handy dandy dressing stick, and marvel at my body’s ability to heal. Another miracle! I trusted in others to do their job and my surgeon did an unbelievable one!

Feeling the total support and love from my family and friends is another miracle. My daughter cancelled a week of work to come home and wait on me hand and foot round the clock, and my husband played multiple roles as chef, nurse, dresser, shower bather and everything else! All the cards, flowers, emails and calls cradled me in love and support. My healing was lifted by so many hands of love with my wonderful friends coming each day to bring me lunch, a neighbor walking our dog each day and so much more!

I was overwhelmed with more blessings when my son and daughter-and-in-law came over two days after I got out of the hospital. My son cooked us dinner for my husband’s birthday, and then he knelt down next to me and told me they were pregnant! Endorphins flooded my body helping with tons of healing energy! And just moments later, the spiritual journey through Honduras and Guatemala I had been contemplating doing came to fruition. With my new hip in place, I can’t wait to travel and walk on Mayan sacred grounds with a group of like-minded souls next spring! We’ll explore our past lives and see why we were all connected to go there. Click here to read all about it!

So what was the thing that seemed too easy but was really much more difficult? Ever try putting socks on with a dressing stick because you can’t bend more than 90 degrees? Wow! Try it sometime!

What was in your life that you thought might be so difficult, but it turned out to be so much easier than you ever dreamed it would be? I would love to hear it! What if it turns out that it’s really more the norm than not? Nothing would feel difficult to us ever again!

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