No. 10: The Law of Change

Today I’m speaking of the tenth Law of Karma: The Law of Change. How appropriate and serendipitous that the tenth Law of Karma came to me in meditation just a few days after the tenth anniversary of 9-11. The essence of this law states that “history repeats itself until we learn the lessons that we need to change our path.”

“History repeats itself until we learn the lessons that we need to change our path.”

Has the path in our world changed since that day in 2001? Are we more at peace? Is there more tolerance, acceptance, compassion and love for our fellow man no matter their race, nationality or religion? Some who read this would say no, while others would see it completely differently. This is what it often comes down to…PERSPECTIVE!

If you are coming from a peaceful, loving and compassionate heart, then you will see life in that manner. If you have anger, resentment, greed or intolerance in your heart, then that is what you will see. This is the time to make choices. I choose to make a choice to see good in all people. I choose to have love for my fellow man no matter if they are angry and their heart is filled with darkness. I will send them unconditional love and surround them with a peaceful energy to help change each and every vibration of negativity to one of lightness.

I choose to not want to see history repeat itself from 2001. Since that time, I know I have personally made changes in my life to unconditionally accept all who cross my path. I have stopped watching the news and reading the newspaper filled with sensationalism of daily horrors. I have chosen to meditate on a daily basis and devote positive intention to traveling around the world. I will sit at the feet of world leaders as they perhaps choose to walk upon a different path in a direction of peace and love.

This tenth Law of Karma – The Law of Change is pivotal in so many respects. We can choose to not have history repeat itself in so many different areas of our lives, relationships, career, self-esteem, parenting, communication and health by simply deciding that we have learned our lessons and are ready to change our path.

Which path in your life would you like to choose to go down this day? Let me know if I can help you in any way!

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