No.11: The Law of Patience and Reward

The eleventh Law of Karma is The Law of Patience and Reward. This law seems to be one of the most challenging for many people because it involves the characteristic of patience. It’s a difficult attribute for people to remember in our society of immediate gratification and the “I’m ready for it now” feeling. This law speaks specifically to the axiom that “all reward requires initial toil, and the rewards of lasting value require patient and persistent toil.”

No. 11 Law of Karma: The Law of Patience and Reward

I wrote about the second Law of Karma – The Law of Creation – in the beginning of this series. The second law mirrors similar information in that it stated that life requires our participation in order for it to happen.

Perhaps the most unsettling feeling for the people I work with is that of uncertainty. In the beginning of the process when we meet initially together, they are unsure about what they want. They haven’t determined what path in their life will allow them to feel the passion or comfort of their choices. They’re not sure what type of relationship would most fulfill their inner passion. They still haven’t been able to clearly see what type of work will fuel their daily energy to rise each day and joyfully earn their daily bread. They’re not able to see what will spiritually feed their souls.
Without this clarification, it becomes unmotivating to “toil” away in any capacity…let alone to have patience in the process. If you think about the last time you had a clear goal in mind that made you almost salivate at the prospect of reaching it, you can remember clearly its effect on you. I have found this level of energy and passion with people that have decided to go into their own business or have started a new hobby such as sewing, painting, photography, music or anything else that makes their heart sing.

I believe this to be the key link within the Law of Patience and Reward. Once you have decided what, where or how you will follow your passion, true joy will follow! You now have the patience to do what you are driven to do and wait for the rewards to roll in! This becomes the second part of this most important law. Have the ability to allow your reward to roll on “its own time!”

Your job is to trust in the outcome and believe in the process.

Our journey is to identify the path that leads to a feeling of passion and energy as we pursue it and allow it to unfold in its own time and space. When we have a level of patience and work hard towards this end, you need to TRUST that all will be as it needs to be. Your job is to TRUST in the outcome and believe in the process. By divine right it will happen in its own space and in its own time easily, effortlessly and just as was written by you in the akashic records!

The Law of Patience and Reward is a fabulous law when you TRUST in the outcome! What is your latest venture that you are working on, physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually that you have the patience to TRUST and wait for the outcome to roll into your life?


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