No. 9: The Law of Here and Now

We’re moving on today to speak about the ninth Law of Karma, the Law of Here and Now. This law talks about how “looking backward to examine what was prevents us from being totally in the HERE AND NOW.”

Be in the Here and Now.

I think that this is a particularly interesting law given the fact that I work so much with people facilitating their past-life regression. There is a time to look backward if it is to identify and create awareness of old patterns of behavior whether from this lifetime or another. With this purpose in mind, looking back in time to bring closure in these areas is healthy.

The difficulty arises when people decide to look backward, but there is no thought or action taken to create healing. When this happens, what becomes left in its place is regret, anger, sadness and often times a feeling of inertia. There is no energy left to be in the present moment.

Your body, mind and soul can become literally stuck in the past dwelling on old relationships, conversations, events, fears, deaths, illnesses or any of the other issues. When these are left unprocessed, it can pull your mental, physical or spiritual energies back to an unhealthy time and place. If you stay in the past with any of these issues there cannot be growth. There cannot be new healthy behaviors taking place on a daily basis in your life.

There are many ways to bring closure to anything in your past that still draws your attention back to it in an unhealthy manner. Hypnosis or past-life regression is an excellent venue to bring any unresolved issues to a peaceful place from this lifetime or another. There are energy healings such as using EFT techniques, Reiki, chakra or aura cleansings to create closure. Journaling without an agenda is an excellent path to bring awareness from your subconscious to the conscious and address any unresolved feelings. And of course, one of my personal favorites is meditation.

Mind/body/spirit Specialist Dr. Bernie Siegel Joins us Sept. 28!

To go within has been my theme for the entire month of September. Each guest on my New Pathway To Healing radio show spoke about “going within” either in the mind, body or soul. Such guests included Rev. John McLaughlin, singer/songwriter Karen Drucker, and mind/body/spirit specialist Dr. Bernie Siegel. I also infused the theme within my monthly newsletter, daily blog posts, and daily Facebook fanpage posts.

“To go within” is to allow yourself the gift of hearing your soul’s messages. Wisdom, direction and guidance are yours to access on a daily basis. I wish you Godspeed on your journey to the freedom to be fully present in the HERE and NOW!

What is it that you do to show up right here, right now each and every day?


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