Do You Share Facebook Posts?

Share posts of love, light and joy!

Share posts of love, light and joy!

In thinking about why the “share” button was placed under a Facebook post or on blogs, is it really a marketing genius at work or is it really much more than that? Of course the more that people share this information, the more exposure you get with what you have to say to others! But is it the marketing piece that we’re all after or is it really the dynamic of wanting to share posts of love, light, inspiration, joy, spirit and all the other positive feelings? It can literally turn a difficult day into one where you find yourself starting to smile at life again.

All of a sudden, you’re literally reframing your day with a delightful post that has a thought-provoking statement or a photo that visually speaks volumes! How fabulous is that?

By using the power of the written word or the artistic rendering of a photo it has the ability to change what was originally a blah day and turn it into one of appreciating those in your life or nature’s gifts. You now have the ability to reframe your day. Taking the dull, lifeless frame (or thoughts) around your day and replacing them with something that sparkles with life, energy and high levels of vibrations. What a gift you’ve just given to yourself and hopefully to others!!


Change someones day!

THIS is the reason to “share” all of these posts. You have the ability to turn around someone’s day or even more dramatically their direction in life! It’s an incredible gift that you hold in your hands. And all of this for a press of a button!

Know that if it moves your soul…if it makes you smile…if joy fills your body….it will touch others in the same manner!

Here are some of my favorite moments to share. They have received thousands of shares due to the uplifting message they convey. What do you think?

This photo is from Tim Tebow’s page with more than 2,800 shares!

Tim Tebow

"To him and all the men and women that have proudly worn the real uniforms to defend our country and our freedoms, I can't thank you enough. God bless the U.S.A.!" ~ Tim Tebow

Or how about Disney’s post with nearly 8,400 shares!


"Life is all about perspective." ~ Disney

So here you go, now I’m asking you very kindly! If you liked this post, please share it with others and make their day!

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