No. 1 Post of the Year: How Do I Meditate?

How Do I Meditate?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions I’m asked! I’ve decided to do a 10-part series on How To Meditate to help explain it further!

Let’s start with why you want to meditate! Have your ever asked for answers and heard nothing? As much as you may feel you’re ready for the answer to appear, you hear and see nothing? Why is that?

As many of you know I frequently write  about receiving your answers by sitting within the silence in meditation to receive guidance and illumination to that which you are seeking to find. Many of you now sit within this quiet space and still feel that your answers are not clear or that you’re unsure of what direction to take. When that happens, many lose heart and do not continue with this daily practice to receive.

What is most important to remember is that answers are received when those listening are ready. Even though you might think you are 100 percent ready to know what it is you need to do, how to accomplish it and when it should be done…we don’t always know this timing.

For example, I’ve had clients going through a divorce and all they want to do is meet Mr. or Mrs. Right. They want to ease their pain and feel the joy of being loved and adored by someone else. But they truly are not ready for that “someone else” to be in their life yet. They need to fully experience the grieving process in order to be at the healing place where they love themselves unconditionally and are able to extend that to a potential love in their life. This is where that most human trait of patience comes into being.

When things are not working out exactly as you feel they should or you’re not able to hear your direction clearly in meditation, it is necessary to bring in that soul learning of “patience.

When you truly trust that all will be as it needs to be, you will trust that all answers will be revealed when the time is ready. In doing this work, you are able to be at peace until the timing and space is just right for your answer to be revealed.

Trust in the process and have patience. Be at peace…..more to come tomorrow on meditation techniques!

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