Tip #3 To Create Change: How to Create a New Homeostasis

We spoke about how to identify your homeostasis in the last post. Did you identify yours yet? Understanding what feeling you knew best from childhood is crucial to create and nurture your new homeostasis.

Your body, mind and spirit work in concert with one another in attracting that which it knows best. But if there is not a full level of awareness for what you actually want to attract, then the message to yourself becomes blurred, doubled or just plain unclear.

She had identified that she felt isolated and picked on.

If you did the exercise in the last post, you have now identified the feeling you knew best from childhood. I will continue to use the example from one of my former clients. She had identified that she felt isolated and picked on from childhood as her homeostasis. I worked with her to identify that the feeling she wanted to know best was at THIS time in her life.

Sometimes this isn’t clear for clients either. When you have felt this same familiar feeling for a whole lifetime, there can be tunnel vision as to what other possibilities could exist for you. When a feeling has been omnipresent, it can block out any others to the point where there is just a void or darkness.

So to help stimulate ideas on what other feelings exist, we went through several exercises. I have my clients think of some of their friends that they felt had a kindred spirit. They could identify how they thought and felt and it began to open up other pathways of thinking and feeling.

I also pulled out all kinds of feeling word sheets. I would have them go through them with a marker color of their choice and circle all the words they would love to feel on a regular basis. More pathways became open.

There are hot air balloons to put your sheets of problems on.

I did guided visualizations with them. After relaxing their bodies and therefore their minds, I would take them on a guided imagery journey in nature. They would go to a variety of places where there are hot air balloons to put their sheets of problems on and float into space. Or they would find their treasure box of golden memories and on and on. By the time we finished this visualization of about an hour, they had let go of the old homeostasis and could see many new possibilities for feeling differently.

Through these exercises they now clearly identify the new homeostasis and have this as an active and working belief in their body, mind and spirit (We incorporate it in the visualization in all three places).

Find yourself attracting different people, relationships, and opportunities.

With this awareness, people all of a sudden find themselves attracting different people, relationships, opportunities and these new feelings to them on a regular basis.

What would you like your new homeostasis to be? What feeling do you want to know best in your life RIGHT NOW? Google feeling words, and let yourself go! Get some guided visualization CD’s and do some of this great work. If you hit a bump, just shoot me a question to petey@newpathwaytohealing.com and I’d be happy to help you!

Coming next to help you create change in your life is Tip #4…Reframing!




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