The Beginning of a New Era!

Linda Howe is my guest writer today! She is the author of “Healing Through The Akashic Records” that was one of most popular radio shows last year! Feel free to listen to it again here. Linda has passion and purpose with every message she shares and this post is no different!

The Beginning of a New Era

2012 is the beginning of a new era and the shift is well underway! We’re only a month into it and I already find myself enjoying a quickening. Most clear to me is the dramatic and vital shift from “me” to “WE.” While it is absolutely true that each and every one of us must do our own personal work (it’s an energetic impossibility for anyone else to do it for us), I see a powerful pattern emerging – one that supports transformation. It is group participation.

Group participationsharing the journey with others headed in the same directionis the single most powerful accelerator I know to facilitate personal growth and change. Many of us feel the pressure or urgency to “grow faster” or “go deeper.” Often we seek shortcuts. The solution is clear and simple – connecting with others on the path facilitates our growth. This is not an entirely new concept. The opportunity before us is to associate with the group in a new way.

Let’s examine this process closely. The first step is to recognize the futility of spiritual isolation. We realize that “going it alone” assures growth, but at a more gradual pace and potentially less depth. The era of secluded transformation limited only to mat, couch or monastery is behind us. With this awareness, you may instinctively seek a group to move through challenges and beyond limitations. The reality is that sensitives like we, often linger at the edge of groups, hesitant to deal with the potentially negative impact of inappropriate mates.

If the only option is to stay wed to the old idea and form of “group,” then I agree, separation may be a better idea. Frankly, others can send and receive energy with the best of intentions – hoping to support and uplift each another – but end up with a result that is more often than not distressing and confusing. And it is also true that spiritual sensitives struggling solo, mining interior realms all the while deflecting and protecting from intrusion, know that there must be a better way. Else, why the human experience if we were meant for solo journeying?

When human beings similarly engage, the result is a brilliant path of Light!

The new era beginning with 2012 presents and calls forth a new type of group interaction and formation – a new beginning we can see clearly when looking at it through the lens of the Akasha. Here’s what it looks like to me. Within the new form of group, each individual accepts full responsibility for themselves, seeking neither to add to nor detract from others. Intent on walking together, in the company of an association of whole persons, each stands as a point of light unto themselves. At this level of association, each radiates their individual essence to the whole and then magnetically draws from the vibrational essence of the group. This is very important and quite different from past models. Think of a grove of trees standing in the forest, each individual tree existing solo yet all the while sharing the environs and elements of the Earth – in a cycle of extracting and emitting vital ingredients for the survival and growth of all. The result of this mutually beneficial energy exchange is a powerful biome. When human beings similarly engage, the result is a brilliant path of Light! 

People often ask me how they can deepen their connection with their soul. I tell them, they can do so by using the wisdom and support found in their Akashic Records, more enjoyably and in less time. Here’s my answer: Simply allow yourself to be a student, to learn in person from a teacher you admire and respect. A good teacher will facilitate your individual growth. Next, gather or join a group of “Akashic Associates.” There are many meet-up groups, book study circles, ongoing practitioner support groups. If nothing exists in your area, then take the lead and gather your friends! New ways require new leaders to model them for others. As you step into this new way of being, you will become an attractor for others. Together, the vitality of the group will light the way, enhancing your destiny with less stress and more fun.

Consider the possibilities of engaging in a new group and/or in a new way with your old group. Humbly recognize the limitations of an isolated spiritual walk. And then choose to step into association with others heading in the same direction. Last, but certainly not least, enjoy the ride!

About the Author: Linda Howe is the founder and director of the Center for Akashic Studies, and the leading expert in the field of Akashic Studies. She is the author of the award-winning breakthrough book, How to Read the Akashic Records (Sounds True, 2009), also available as a six-cd audio set. Linda is a gifted teacher with an international following of students from every walk of life: mystics, artists, writers, business professionals, psychiatrists and therapists, academics, and healers. Linda is committed to empowering her students to recognize the Light within, and to know their own soul more than ever before.


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