What Does “Falling in Love” Really Mean?

What does it mean to “fall in love with someone?” Is it something that happens purely by accident or truly by design?
I believe that the expression “falling in love” means giving up any preconceived intentions of the other person and accepting what you see, feel, hear and intuit. You let go and accept the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual connection felt. As it becomes felt on all levels you simply let go and “fall in love” with that certain someone blissfully, joyfully and trusting fully that all is happening as it needs to happen.
Think about the last time you “fell in love.” It might have been with a person you were dating, a child, a new puppy or animal, a parent, or even a grandparent. Sometimes people fall in love with the same person several times in the same lifetime. As you know if you’ve been married for awhile, relationships can go through periods of easier or harder times through its cycles. Depending upon issues of health, parenting, financial issues or any of the other stressors of marriage, you may find yourself more “in love” with that person at different times. That’s the idea of truly falling in love several times in the course of the relationship. The key is to understand the ebb and flow of such periods in all of these relationships. These cycles exist with children, parents, animals and others. Know in your heart that you will move through the difficult times to a place where issues become resolved, stressors are eliminated, children mature, puppies become well-trained dogs, and spouses work through their own issues of health, grieving, and any other stressor they may be feeling. And then the “falling in love” cycle begins anew. You’re enthralled, endorphins have bubbled to the top, and a smile is permanently affixed to your face.
I’ve “fallen in love” with a few things recently. The first is my new hip that my body is joyfully accepting. I’m in love with this new part of my body that gives me great joy as I live life again without daily pain. Taking long walks in the woods and on the beach is such a joy! Dancing and being strong and steady on my feet to hold my new twin granddaughters is a blessing!
I’m in love with the century that we live in right now! Through the beauty of technology, I’m able to talk and visit with my daughter who is halfway across the world in Australia! I can wake up in the morning and listen to her audio messages on my “whatsaapp” app on my phone! I can get her videos and photos from all the islands she’s visited in Thailand to Bali and now in the “Outback!
What or who have you “fallen in love” with recently? Isn’t it the most delicious of feelings?!


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