What’s The Story On Self-Esteem?

A BIG question for today’s “Ask Petey” Video question is on self-esteem!

The topic of self-esteem and communication are two of the top concerns of clients when they walk into my office. Self-esteem is such a hot topic that I took these questions that were sent in and am doing a mini-series on it for a total of four weeks! I’m going to give you the short version of what self-esteem is, why and how it is developed, what the distinct characteristics are and tips on how to overcome it!

Over my 30 years as a therapist, coach and spiritual teacher I would say that if this topic received the same level of attention that addiction has, it would serve humanity well!

I honestly see it as a national affliction! I don’t care how beautiful, handsome, intelligent, kind, spiritual, generous, loving, forgiving, responsible, charitable, funny, hard-working or fabulous the client is when they come into my office…..95 percent of the time they CAN’T see it, feel it or acknowledge it!

That makes me feel so sad when so many wonderful souls can’t acknowledge their own beauty in their body, mind and spirit.

I love the day when after working with a client for awhile on this subject, they can look at me and truly feel it when they say “I do love myself!” It is the culmination of working and changing past patterns from this lifetime and sometimes ones from centuries ago!

Please watch my video on “What’s the Story on Self-Esteem,” and let me know your thoughts!


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  1. Nothing happens when I click the link.. Am I on candid camera.. Does it not just work for Me? LOL kidding.. a little self esteem joke. Seriously though it's not clicking through.

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